Kaia FIT Boise: Jodi Vanderpool

At work I often discuss projects and initiatives by confidently reminding our teams that, “Structure + Process = Outcomes”. Professionally I know how to focus on a goal or desired outcome, but always realize that without a structure and process, that goal will not be realized. For some reason in my personal life I kept leaving out an important part of that equation. I knew the personal outcome that I wanted and frankly I thought that based on my years of involvement in sports and general athletics that I also knew the process that would get me there. I knew what I wanted but alone I just wasn’t getting there. What I was leaving out completely was the Structure and honestly the Process was not fully being realized on my own either. For me Kaia was the answer to providing me with the Structure; fully enhancing the Process; and now has allowed me to realize the Results that I wanted. The muscle confusion and variety that is offered makes each workout interesting and has changed me physically and mentally.

I have been inspired by the individuals who attend Kaia and truly want the best for each member, pushing them forward and encouraging them along the way. The Kaia coaches know how to connect with and meet everyone at the level and place that they are, physically and mentally. It is amazing to me how much knowing that there is a support team in the Kaia group really has impacted me and propelled me forward. I am confident that I will continue to achieve and reach my desired outcomes now that Kaia has given me the valuable Structure and Process!


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