Kaia FIT Boise: Megan

"Thank you to our Kaia girl (5 a.m.), Kylen, for sharing this beautiful story!! I am sure that my weight loss story reads like a lot of women. Simply put- I had been tired of being overweight for a long time. I would put my heart and soul into everything I tried…for about two weeks. Then I would put the weight I lost back on, plus another twenty pounds. And that is how I got to be well over 200 pounds. One night I had enough. I was tired of living in my body, and honestly I wasn’t doing much living at all. Whether I wanted to admit it or not my weight was holding me back from a lot. I decided I wanted to be fit by my 25th birthday. That year, I worked hard with a trainer at a local gym. And I lost 50 pounds. But then summer rolled around, I sort of fell off the band wagon and before I knew it..I was fifteen pounds heavier. After all my hard work! I could not believe how easy it was to break the cycle I had put the better part of my year into.

And thats when I finally decided to listen to my ‘crazy’ friend Leslie who kept going on and and on about this amazing Kaia bootcamp. I could not imagine waking up that early. I remember asking her about ten times if she REALLY woke up at 4 am. But I also saw the changes in Leslie. How happy she was, how toned she had become. She was a walking advertisement to join. So I finally did. Walking in that first morning I was completely surprised by how welcoming and lovely everyone was. I never felt judged. I felt constantly encouraged. I left that workout and knew I was addicted. I’ve done three FIT sessions now, and I did my first BRIK this winter and thats when I really started to see a difference. By the end of BRIK, I had lost about three inches EVERYWHERE, and a total of 18 pounds. I had been stuck forever at the same weight, totally in a plateau, and Kaia changed that for me. Kaia has changed EVERYTHING for me. I used to not look in the mirror- now I do. I used to tell myself I can’t- now I tell myself I can. I’ve done things I never thought I could, like participate in two 5ks, hold a Kaia level plank, and probably, most importantly, love myself. None of this would have really been possible without Kaia. Kaia changed the way I eat, changed the way I workout, and changed the way I saw myself. I’ve dropped about 70 pounds now, four pants sizes, and two shirt sizes. I can shop at regular department stores now. I haven’t been able to do that since I was in high school (trust me- that was a LONG time ago). In fact, I called my mom practically in tears last week from an H&M dressing room because things fit! In a few weeks time, I am leaving for Portalnd, Oregon to go to school. Something I probably never would have had the guts to do in my old body. It represents a huge step for me in my life- but I remember after joining Kaia I almost wish I had not applied at all, because I didn’t want to leave my newfound family, the women that gave me the chance to discover I could, and I can. I know with the tools Kaia has given me, I can keep myself in shape. I’m not scared. But I will miss waking up at the crack of dawn to hang out with a ton of beautiful women who can kick my ass- who wouldn’t miss that? Thank you so much to all my Kaia sisters. To really feel like a Kaia girl has been the best gift ever.’ Kylen, you are truly an inspiration and you will be missed at Kaia! Good luck and come visit us."

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