Sweet and Sour Tofu

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We are all busy women here. Working women, working moms, stay at home moms, single moms. We are on the go. Taking care of our families as well as taking care of ourselves. The food aspect of taking care of ourselves is sometimes difficult. Food prep, a gazillion steps to make one recipe, I get overwhelmed just reading those recipes let alone actually cooking it.

Mango Nice Cream

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This creamy, delicious bowl of mango nice cream will leave you feeling satisfied and in a state of pure bliss. Did I mention that not only is it guilt free that it has a whole head of romaine lettuce so you are getting a serving of veggies too!

Cold Pesto Pasta Salad

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Something cool, light and delicious for our hot August nights.  You can omit the pasta if you are gluten free, or use gluten free pasta. You could also make this raw vegan by omitting the pasta and adding more spiralized cucumber or even zoodles. 

When to Mix Up Your Workout Routine

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If your workout doesn’t excite you, motivate you, inspire you, leave you feeling fulfilled…We’ve all heard and are aware of plateaus. Those pesky times in our life when little-to-no change is happening after we’ve been working our booties off. It’s super frustrating and really irritating to be working without results. So how can you avoid hitting a plateau? You gotta keep it fresh…and you want to mix it up BEFORE you hit that plateau.