Summer Solstice is Coming!

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The official date of the longest day of the year is June 20th, 2020. The exact time of summer solstice on the West Coast is 2:44pm PT![1]

The summer solstice marks the OFFICIAL start of summer and it’s also the longest day of the year! Anyone located in the Northern Hemisphere will have days longer than 12 hours at the June solstice (and locations in the Southern Hemisphere will have days shorter than 12!)[2]

5 Ways to Go Plant-Based for Memorial Day

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On Memorial Day, many of us will honor and remember those who have served and given their lives in the armed forces. In years past most of us have gathered in backyards across the country in remembrance for the first cookout of the season.

This year may be difference due to quarantine. Your party may not be as big but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an amazing time (and eat amazing food!), and thanks to technology you can add in family and friends via Zoom or other types of video calls.

5 Ways Guided Meditation Can Change Your Life

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I have to be transparent…I’m a horrible meditation patient. I will go on stints of meditating daily (usually 5 min or less) and then fall off the wagon for months on end. Getting to the root of this (because really, IT’S 5 MINUTES!) is something I need to focus on. I hear Nikki, the founder of Kaia FIT and her sister Stephanie, speak frequently to the benefits of meditation. It’s not like I am unaware of how it can change my life. Yet, I still make no progress on adding it into my routine…

Then, I had to write this blog. And without giving away any spoiler, there is 1 (of many) benefits of meditation that struck a cord with me. A scientifically proven fact that has changed my perception and has made meditation a non-negotiable for me. Check out the 5 facts below and see what strikes a cord for you!