Spring Cleanse

5 Ways to Detox Your Life

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Spring has finally sprung 🌷🌷🌷

With this new energy in the air, I know I'm ready for a Spring Cleanse, so join me as we:

Lighten up your diet

Detox your body

Cleanse your clutter

Get your mind right

Spring cleanse your relationships

Family Friendly Easter Trivia

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Easter was one of my favorite holidays on many levels growing up. Mainly because of my family always gathered together for a meal and hunting for eggs. Or maybe because my mom always made sure we had a brand spanking new outfit every Easter growing up. Maybe it was the deviled eggs? The traditions of Easter celebrations run deep in my memories. I don’t think I really ever understood what all of these traditions meant though, so I created this fun trivia game for the whole family!

Cardio vs. Strength

Is one better than the other?

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This article is here to help bring attention to some facts surrounding cardio vs. strength training and hopefully motivate you to add strength training to your regular workout routine. First let’s define what is cardio and what is strength training: Cardio is any exercise or movement that focuses on elevating the heart rate by moving the body with activity such as power walking, running, bike riding, as well as stationary body weight exercises like jumping rope or running in place. 

Benefits of Dynamic vs. Static Stretching

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Do you find yourself saying “I feel tight” or “I probably should stretch my ____ out”?

You are not alone; those thoughts run through my mind from time to time as well.

Stretching should be incorporated into the workout.  Why?  It helps keep our muscles flexible, strong, and healthy.  When we do not stretch our muscles shorten and we start to feel tight.  Stretching daily helps keep us mobile and independent.  The type of stretch you do and whether it is before or after a workout is just as important.

There are two types of stretches.  Dynamic and Static.   Both need to be done; however, we must be mindful as to when each is done.